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Are you looking for local police auctions? If you've tried searching for "police auction near me" and landed here, you have come to the right place. Here you can find all sorts of items up for auction. You can browse through our database of upcoming police auctions down below to find exactly what you are looking for, after you have found the item you're looking for you can bid on it from the comfort of your home.

Are you a representative of a police precinct and want to put items up for auction? If the answer is yes, this is the best place to do it! Our site is visited by thousands of people every single month so you'll be able to find buyers for your items very quickly!

What Are Police Auctions and What Items Are Auctioned?

Police auctions, simply put, are just like normal auctions except that every item being auctioned off in them were confiscated and/or seized by the police at some point in time.

These also include items that cannot be returned to their original owners because of some legal reasons. For example, if a person cannot legally account for a particular item, then, by court order, he or she must forfeit that item to the law. This item may now be auctioned off at a local police auction.

Similarly, police auctions can also auction off real estate property that had to be forfeited because the owner violated federal law or did not pay taxes on the property.

However, not all items in police auctions have a criminal history - even though that might excite some people. Noncriminal items auctioned off at police auctions include surplus and retired police items. An example of such an item would be a police car. Other non-criminal items include lost and found items and unclaimed property.

And, as you might already be wondering by now, police auctions include a huge variety of items. However, just to try to give you an idea of what you might expect to find in one such auction, here is a small (not in any way comprehensive) list:

  1. Cars, buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles
  2. Bicycles, motorcycles, etc.
  3. Boats and yachts
  4. Houses and household goods
  5. Furniture and such
  6. Electronics items like computers and phones
  7. Video games and video game consoles
  8. Plants
  9. Machines
  10. Jewelry
  11. And so many more things (sometimes really strange things like paintings of Elvis Presley or other similar things)

How To Find A Police Auction Near You

If police auctions have piqued your curiosity and the thrill of owning stolen items gets to you, Locate Auctions will help you find a police auction near you. Locate Auctions is the biggest database of local auctions in the US. Browse through our list of local auctions and you are sure to find something that you want or like. And, with the almost unlimited possibilities of what you might find at a police auction, the quest will be exciting for sure. Who knows - you might just find a deal that will make you say - now that's a steal!

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