Doll Auctions In The US - A Collector's Guide

Dolls are considered the oldest of all toys- dating back to as far as the Egyptians in the 2000 B.C. where they were found by archaeologists - buried in ancient tombs. Dolls have also been found from the Babylonian, Greek and Roman periods. Dolls back then were made from wood, wax, clay, stone, ivory, and rags.

In modern times, most dolls are made in Europe. But, Europe too, has its history with dolls. For example, European dolls until the 17th century used to be made from hand-carved wood. Then, in the 18th century, countries like Germany, England, and France started using materials like wax, mold, pulpwood, paper, porcelain and celluloid to mass produce dolls and changed the game. Today's dolls are made from celluloid, plastic, rubber, foam, and vinyl. Collector's doll, however, is still made from traditional materials using traditional methods.

Doll Collecting for Hobbyists, Collectors, and Investors

People have been collecting dolls since forever. The late 20th century saw this hobby peak but it is still popular today. People collect everything from antique dolls and toys to collector's item, French and German character dolls, teddy bears, French bisque dolls, family heirlooms, valuable collections, vintage dolls, rare collectibles, childhood ephemera, dollhouses, miniatures, automata and all other things related to dolls.

A doll is not just a toy. Some people do buy dolls just as investments, yes, but most people have more nostalgic or personal reasons. Sometimes, people might just want to buy what they loved and/or wanted as a child.

Are Doll Auctions for You?

So, if you like dolls, doll auctions are the place for you to be. If you answer yes to any of the following:

  1. Are you looking to start your very own doll collection?
  2. Or do you already have an awesome doll collection and would like to add to it?
  3. Perhaps you are looking for that one particular doll.
  4. Maybe dolls are just an investment to you, an investment that will give returns with experience and time.

Then Locate Auctions will help you find the doll that you are looking for. With Locate Auctions, you can browse through a huge database of auctions near you. Check out these auctions and you never know what you might find - antique doll auctions with vintage dolls, doll auction houses with rare collectibles, a limited collector's edition of a Barbie Doll or even something as simple as a baby doll that you used to play with when you were a child.

Check out the benefits and charity auctions where local auctioneers are hosting auctions for donations.

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Virginia Bidder Auction Co LLC  /   Ends 04/09/2020 @ 7:00 PM
Online & Ready for Viewing Now!!!What an auction we have this time! A few notables to mention are ~ Antique Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, A Plantation Desk, Antique & Vintage Bottles (including Advertising & Apothecary), Ephemera, Vintage Cameras & Electronics, MidCentury Side Tables, Video Games, Collectibles & more...Come on in and see the 500 lots up for bids this time!See everything up for bids here: Dates:Wednesday,...
Moecker Auctions Inc  /   Starts 03/31/2020 @ 10:00 AM
Real-time Online Auction onlyBy Order of the US Bankruptcy CourtOscar Mesa Case No.: 18-23851-BKC-AJC | Ross R. Hartog, TrusteeBernando Roman III Case No.: 17-23548-LMI | Ross R. Hartog, TrusteeAmerican Resource Management Group, LLC. (DE), et. al.Case No.: 19-14605-JKO | Barry E. Mukamal, TrusteeAuction date: Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 at 10:00 A.M.Location: Live online on two bidding platforms ( and ( By appointment only...

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