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PCI Auction Group / 06/18/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/16 starting at 8pm ETPreview: 6/16 from 10am-12pm CSTRemoval: 6/18 from 10am-2pm CSTLocation: 4226 Westcap Rd Ste 1, Whites Creek, TN 37189Check out some of these highlighted items:Federal Industries Refrigerated Display Case With 3 Shelveswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php MR Induction 4 Burner With Cutting Board And Undershelf On Casterswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Beverage Air Double Door Reach In Refrigeratorwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Metro...
PCI Auction Group / 06/20/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/20 at 8pm ESTPreview: 6/17 and 6/18 from 10am-3pm ESTRemoval: 6/21 from 9am-4pm ESTLocation: 200 Kelsey Ave, Ewing, NJ 08638 Check out some of these highlighted items:Blodgett Natural Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven On Legswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Seewer Rondo Floor Style Heavy Duty Reversible Dough Sheeterwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php BMD Floor Style 2 Bag Spiral Mixer With Bowl And Dough Hookwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Blodgett...
PCI Auction Group / 06/20/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/20 starting at 8pmPreview: 6/18 from 10am-2pmRemoval: 6/22 from 10am-4pmLocation: 100 28th Ave SW, Minot, ND 58701Here are some featured items in this auction:2 Turbochef Conveyor Ovens on Chef Basewww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php2 Blodgett Zephaire Convection Ovens On Casterswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpManitowoc Ice Maker With Follett Ice Binwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpInternational Cold Storage Walk In Coolerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpVulcan Griddle...
PCI Auction Group / 06/21/2021 @ 6:30 PM
Ends: 6/21/21 at 630pm ESTPreview: 6/21/21 from 2pm-5pm ESTRemoval: 6/22/21 from 9am-5pm ESTLocation: 214 Rutherford St, Greenville, SC 29606Check out some of these highlighted items:Hobart 20qt Mixer With Bowlwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php True Double Door Reach In Refrigeratorwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php McCall Double Door Reach In Refrigeratorwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Arctic Air Double Door Reach In...
PCI Auction Group / 06/21/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/21/21 starting at 8pmPreview: 6/21/21 from 10am-2pmRemoval: 6/22/21 from 10am-4pmLocation: 141 W End Dr, Manheim, PA 17545Here are some featured items in this auction:2 Schaerer Coffee Art Espresso Machineswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php JAC Bread Slicerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php 2014 Merrychef Rapid Cook Ovenwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php 2013 Stoelting Ice Cream Machinewww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Blodgett Gas Double Deck...
PCI Auction Group / 06/22/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/22/21 at 8pm ESTPreview: 6/17/21 and 6/18/21  from 10am-3pm ESTRemoval: 6/23/21 from 9am-4pm ESTLocation: 200 Kelsey Ave, Ewing, NJ 08638Check out some of these highlighted items:Scratch And Dent Insignia Commercial Chest Freezerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpScratch And Dent Danby Single Door Reach In Freezer With Rackswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpGeneral Electric Commercial Stainless Steel 2 Door Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer...
Cal Auctions / 06/22/2021 @ 12:00 AM
Research Lab RelocationCalAuctions.com Lab is Moving to Location and is Liquidating their Surplus: Lab Equipment, Safe, Safety Flammable Cabinets, Stainless Steel Tables, Appliances, Racking, Electronics, Microscopes, Cubicles, Office Furniture, Carts, Electrical, Furniture, Hand Trucks, Hardware, Holidays, Janitorial, Kitchen, Lighting, Office Supplies, Plants, Rugs, Safety, Storage, Tools, Workstations, Complete Offices, and More. Location:  San Diego Auction - San Diego, CA...
PCI Auction Group / 06/23/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/23 starting at 8pm ETPreview: 6/23 from 10am-12pm CSTRemoval: 6/25 from 10am-2pm CSTLocation: 4226 Westcap Rd Ste 1, Whites Creek, TN 37189Check out some of these highlighted items:True 3 Door Refrigerated Prep Table on Casterswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpStar Ultra Max Natural Gas Griddle www.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpHoshizaki Dual Ice Makers On Follet Ice Bin With 2 Remoteswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpAnets Natural Gas 100lb Deep Fryer On...
PCI Auction Group / 06/24/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/24/21 starting at 8pmPreview: 6/24/21 from 10am-2pmRemoval: 6/25/21 from 10am-4pmLocation: 141 W End Dr, Manheim, PA 17545Here are some featured items in this auction:Taylor Ice Cream Machinewww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Groen 40 Gallon Tilting Kettlewww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Hobart Meat Sawwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Cecilware Gas 65 Pound Fryerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.php Cleveland Gas Double Deck Steam...
PCI Auction Group / 06/27/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/27/21 at 8pm ESTPreview: 6/24/21 and 6/25/21  from 10am-3pm ESTRemoval: 6/28/21 from 9am-4pm ESTLocation: 200 Kelsey Ave, Ewing, NJ 08638Check out some of these highlighted items:Moline Heavy Duty Reversible Dough Sheeter With Foot Pedalwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpGarland Natural Gas 12 Burner Range With 2 Full Size Ovens, Backsplash And Overhead Shelfwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpGarland Double Deck Natural Gas Convection...
PCI Auction Group / 06/29/2021 @ 8:00 PM
Ends: 6/29/21 at 8pm ESTPreview: 6/24/21 and 6/25/21  from 10am-3pm ESTRemoval: 6/30/21 from 9am-4pm ESTLocation: 200 Kelsey Ave, Ewing, NJ 08638Check out some of these highlighted items:Avantco 2 Door Reach In Refrigerator With Rack On Casterswww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpLate Model Micro Matic Refrigerated Single Tap Kegerator With Single Beer Towerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpBerkel Countertop Bread Slicerwww.pciauctions.com/item_detail.phpEndura Single Door Roll In Rack...

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