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Eshelman Salvage Retirement Auction

Auction starts 03/20/2024 @ 9:00 AM EST
Auction ends 04/25/2024 @ 6:00 PM EST
Auction Type: online


Eshelman Salvage Retirement Auction


some Items included 

2006 Ford F-450 power stroke turbo diesel with dump flat bed, Burkholder mfg 38 ft with 7’ Extender/Stabilizer  trailer, 2010 Ford F-450 6.8 liter with dump bed, Aluminum 24 ft Werner pole jacks, 1/2 ton chain hoist, old tins, Coke and Mountain Dew bottles, glass jars, file cabinets, chandlers, shop Vac, Automatic farm systems 68” auger, school desk, Kitchen cabinets, wooden Eshleman Salvage sign, step ladder, electric motors, easel, floor AC unit, Hubbell 400W garage lamps, 200 Amp, 100 AMP Breaker Boxes, Sub Panels, snap-on, Craftsman, Sears, Blue Point, open-end wrenches, Isocket set,Torque wrench, gutter hangers, Stanley hand planer knives, chimney clean-out doors, Vintage Gardening tools, Screwdrivers, dirt tampers, Vintage duster, double tree, wheel pullers, 1937 PA license plate, Kenmore dishwasher, 2 man saws, Graphite, Construction fall protection kits, tile, workmate table, commodes, wooden table, scales, small shop woodworking tools, Misc. tools, china sets, C clamps, files, levels, sump pump, pneumatic drill, air hammer, file cabinets, pedestal sinks, mallets, awls, woo grainer handtool, nail pullers, pop riveters, horseshoe set, 2 1949 matching PA license plates, various saw blades, Milk crates, Truefit Shoe Anvil and Shoe Shaper, shoe lasts, Vintage and new Wooden Finials and Decorative Wood, ceramic & glass door knobs, tubing flaring tools, hand saws tin snipes, hurricane ties, framing squares, Hensley Bucket Teeth, Vintage weed whackers, chisels & punches, draw knife, Vintage Hand Forged Iron Ladle, adjustable wrenches, monkey wrenches, Hammers, vintage hammers, pick & pick axe heads, simplex screw jack, bolt cutters, hammers, hatchet, axe heads, pipe cutters,Single bevel hatchet, pipe threading tools cable cutter, vintage wooden flail, vintage pump, various forks, vintage strap-on roller skates, vintage glass bottles with & without names, Barrel pumps, Concrete tools, roast pans, china sets, Copper Hand rail, Water heaters, Dryers, oil furnace, gas furnace, Ac units , cast iron chimney clean out doors, vintage hog spreader, Hand saws, 2 man saws, fence stretcher, lots of vintage wood working, metal working, carpenter tools, lots antiques, strap barn hinges, Vintage tins, 1934 metal hunting license, wooden dovetailed Remington ammo box, grape shot cannon balls from the civil war era, Bayonet, cast iron squirrel nut cracker, oil cans, Roll door tracks, lots of vintage lumber various sizes, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, material, barn boards, porch posts, various sized lumber, tobacco lath, plywood, walnut lumber, clear quarter sawn fir, vintage wooden doors, Pressure treated lumber, rough cut lumber, metal doors, storm doors, windows, wooden levels & wood planes, hay saw, knives for Stanley Universal Plane No. 55, vintage lighters, foam board, cork board, tin, sandstone corner stones, white brick, Red brick, boarder brick, granite slabs, sandstone steps, limestone, red sandstone, I-beams, natural stone, chain binders, sandstones formally from Union Canal, misc. hitch parts, and much more 

Paul Brubaker TRA000075

High Bids Win Auction LLC

16  E. Bethany Rd.
Newmanstown PA 17073



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